Protect Your A/C Condenser Coils From Dust, Dirt & Other Contaminants To Prolong The Life of Your Unit and Save Money On Your Energy Bills

This activated Carbon Odor Control Pad was originally designed for use in the space program to eliminate airborne pollutants on manned space flights. Air-Care brings this technology to the home heating and air-conditioning industry for your benefit.

Each pad is individually wrapped to keep the material active until installation. One size fits virtually all filters. Just trim to size with scissors and install on the side of your electrostatic filter that faces the incoming air.

We highly recommend to run an air duct cleaning or air duct treatment every  months!

Helps eliminate:

  • Household Odors

  • Fire/Smoke Odor

  • Cooking Odors

  • Pet Odor

  • Paint Odor

  • Musty Odor

  • Cigar/Smoking Odor

Size: 20" x 25". Sold in packages of 3. Filter/Frame Not Included.