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Arrestance is just a fancy word for filtering capacity. All Air-Care filters come in one of two types of arrestance - either 94% or 82%. The 94% arrestance filter provides higher filtering capacity by trapping up to 94% of particles in the air. We also offer filters with an 82% arrestance. This provides slightly less filtering capacity, but is less restrictive, allowing greater airflow through the filter. An 82% arrestance filter would be appropriate using the following formula. If the filter square footage is less than the tonnage of the unit, we recommend an 82% arrestance filter.

How To Determine If You Need an 82% or 94% Arrestance Filter?
Here's an example: If you have a 16x25 filter and a 2.5 ton unit, the square footage of the filter is 2.8 sq feet (16 x 25 / 144 = 2.8). Since 2.8 is greater than 2.5, you are fine with using a 94% arrestance filter in this system. If the filter size is 12x18, the square footage of this filter is 1.5 (12 x 18 / 144 = 1.5). Since 1.5 is less than 2.5, we would recommend an 82% arrestance filter in this case.

Air-Care manufactures electrostatic air filters with 3 different frame types: Gold, Silver or Flexible, we always try to provide best solutions for Air Duct Cleaning, Air Duct Treatment and Carpet Cleaning as well.

Our Gold Frame filters are made with a premium quality extruded aluminum, gold anodized frame with a durable and attractive finish. The frame is 4 separate pieces with a single screw fastening each corner together. The frame is strong and sturdy. Gold Frame filters come only in the standard 1" depth.

Our Silver Frame filters are made from a single piece of roll-formed galvanized steel fastened together at one corner with a single rivet. This frame type is more cost-effective than the gold frame, but is not quite as strong and sturdy. Silver Frame filters are available in either 1/2", 1" or 2" depths. The 1/2" (7/16" Actual) silver rigid framed filters have 2 layers of polypropylene between 2 layers of expanded steel for improved air flow and rigidity. Our 2" rigid framed filters are configured with the same construction as the 1" Electra silver, but with a 1.5" white polyester ultra high loft impingement filtering center layer.

This filter has the same ratings as its one inch counterpart. We also have 1" & 2" filter frames and disposable pads that consist of a roll formed metal frame with one layer of expanded metal support secured to one side. The filter material is tucked into the frame and is held by the fibers catching on the expanded metal support and the air flow. When soiled, it is easily removed for disposal and replaced by a clean piece of filter material pad.

Many commercial air systems use banks of 20 or 40+ 2" thick pleated filters. Our high arrestance, low resistance permanent filters, however, will give your commercial accounts an economic alternative to the disposable filter.

Our Flexible Frame filters are made from sewing flexible polypropylene webbing around the edge of the filter so the frame is actually a flexible fabric rather than metal. Flexible framed electrostatic air filters conform to the same specifications as the rigid metal framed filters. The 82% Flexible Frame filters are about 3/8" depth. The 94% Flexible Frame filters are about 5/8" depth. The 94% flexible framed filters have a 1/2" polyester layer sandwiched between 2 layers of polypropylene with a polypropylene webbing frame sewn around the edge and fit most 1" applications.